TypePack Figuration Cell  Fuel Gauge
 Medical Cart UPS 3S2P 34Ah LiFe: PSI PC40138-LFP Renesas
 Medical Cart UPS 100Wh LiFe: PSI PC40138-LFP Renesas
 Medical Cart UPS 156Wh LiFe: PSI PC40138-LFP Renesas

Medical PDA

Medical PDA1S3PPrismaticTI
Electrical wheelchair
7S4PCylindrical Renesas
Electrical wheelchair7S7PCylindrical Renesas
Electrical wheelchair7S8PCylindrical Renesas

We manufacture medical device battery packs and develop custom energy solutions for a broad spectrum of healthcare applications, from emergency to surgical to therapeutic and beyond. We provide in-house design capabilities, full traceability, and intensive testing to ensure that our medical battery pack assemblies meet or exceed customer expectations and industry regulations.

Countless medical devices used in saving lives, preserving good health, and introducing new life depend on customized battery packs, either as their primary energy source or as backups to protect against power failure。 ETICA Battery takes pride in delivering the highest quality energy solutions for these medical devices。