TypePack Figuration Cell Fuel Gauge 
 EV 8S1P module Tafel 202Ah LDA 3000 cycle
 ESS 16S2P Tafel 136Ah / 48V 6KW ESS smart inertor 3000 cycle

EV Battery is especially designed for electric vehicle purposes. It use super strong alloy and world-class advanced technology which makes battery have more than 300 cycles life time. Suitable for electric casr, electric motorcycles, bikes, mobilityscooters, electric wheel chairs, golf buggies etc.

Optimized Solution for Energy Saving & High-quality Power Energy Storage System(ESS) stores electric energy and utilize them for later consumption. It is purposed to improve energy efficiency, by enhancing the quality of renewable energy that results stabilization of power supply system. ETI provides most optimal energy solution for the users using our state-of-the-art energy storage system.